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What People are Saying about Hat Shapers

I only had to think a few minutes about putting up
all these wonderful things that customers are
saying about our Hat Shapers.  I guess that
if you don't know whether or not to try
them then you need to hear it from someone else.
I will post negative comments too.
So far, so great!

"Wow!  WE LOVE our Hat Shapers!!! 
WE got the Fedora Style and LOVE it. WE will be ordering a few more styles in the near future. I think I told you that my husband is reluctant to try new things when it comes to hat making. Most of his equipment is antique including lots of wood blocks.  So, he was one of those "skeptical" people.  He likes the weight and aesthetics of the old wood blocks.  But, he was totally happy with your Hat Shaper!  He was amazed and pleased by the sturdiness of the Hat Shaper. And, he liked how it held up to wet fur felt and the steamer."   
Kat, Fairplay Hat Company.

"Check out Carol Marston's Hat Shapers
.... very economical and light weight
with some very interesting shapes. 
I love them!"      Rebecca
"I used your Hat Shaper tonight- it worked great! 
Great Product."  Dana

"I enthusiastically second the recommendation for Carol Marston's  Hat Shapers.  They work like a charm!   I'd never felted anything before trying a hat, and I am only on my third hat.... so they definitely work for beginners!  I looked long and hard before I found Carol's Hat Shapers.  With ease of use, durability, and with the wide priced differential between hers and the wood blocks, your decision will be easy! "  Wanda

" I am new to wet- felting hats.  So far, I have made two hats and am
making the third now using Carol Marston's
wonderful Hat Shapers in the Fedora and Amish Styles.
I am really enjoying making these hats for my husband, who has a bad hat addiction and is just delighted that I can do this.  It's much easier than I thought it would be, although I would never attempt it without Carol's Hat Shapers!  They make it so easy to get  professional looking results... even for someone like me, who had never hat felted before." Wanda

"You have a fantastic product!   Your Hat Shaper worked beautifully!!!  Maybe having a first -hand confirmation that Hat Shapers work will encourage people to give it a try."

"Congrats to you on a successful product!"

"I just made a hat using the fedora style Hat Shaper (the one's that Carol Marston is making), and I want to let people know that it worked great!  Actually, I liked it better than the raffia hat block I have been using, because I could use the attached brim on the Hat Shaper as a template for cutting a nice, even brim. The Hat Shaper made a very nice hat. 
A VERY NICE THING, As Martha would say."  tallchick6@juno.com

"Thanks for coming up with the idea for Hat Shapers. 
It is soooo easy!" 
  Donna from Devine.

Hello Hat Shapers: Your website is a work of art!  I am inspired to create one for my hats as well!  I will be attending a summer class on felting and after that I will be purchasing a few.  Maybe one of each!  I just love them.  I have been saving up to buy a wooden one, but the instructor wrote to us saying that she had a few of yours for her class and not to bother!  Thanks.  She gave us your web address saying it was a great place to look for ideas and designs.  I love your Fedora but I love the Amish Dress Hat Shaper even more!  I live in an Amish area maybe I can sell to the tourists here if not the menfolk.  Good luck with your great product.   You will help all of us become more professional looking with our own creations.   Keep up the good work.  I will be back and I will send every hatmaker I know here.     Best,   Beth Ann
What a fabulous invention you have come up with -- kudos to you!!! This hat shaper may be just what I am looking for. I am going to spend some more time at your site looking over the different shapes to decide which forms would work for me and place an order. Bowls, balls and buckets simply do not give the desired shape. What a great idea. Congratulations! "Fiber Arts Link"

One of my students will be sending
you photographs of the hats my students made. 
For absolute beginners at any kind of
felt making they did a pretty decent job.
The Hat Shapers were great and I'd highly recommend
them to anyone wanting to make hats.

Morgan Clifford, University of Wisconsin




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