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Hat Shaper's     HAT DICTIONARY

*hat: item of dress worn on the head,
from a word of Saxon origin meaning hood



*Agal: modern Arab head-dress. Consists of a scarf wound around the head and held in place by its own fringes tucked into the roll.
*a shu:   pandita hat, red hat of a scholar with long lappets
*Afghan skull cap:  
*Albanian Hat:   hat with a high crown and raised front, trimmed with a feather. This style was made popular by portraits of Henry IV.
*alpine hat:   soft felt sport hat, also, Tyrolean
*amice:   a priest's white ritual hood
*Ammana:   large wound turban worn by Muslims
*almuce   a fur lined hood
*Annie Hall:   drooping brimmed hat made famous by Diane Keaton in movie of same name...1970's
*arctic cap   Felt crown with goose down, Mouton lamb storm flaps
*ascot:   London, gray top hat worn at Ascot races
*attiffet:   women's headdress which arched on either side of the head and was covered by a veil which fell in a point. Popular style in sixteenth century.
*aumussiers:    a hood made of fur


*babushka: Russian grandmothers triangular shaped head scarf tied under chin
*bachlik:   a hood attached to a cap... Balkans
* bacolet, French:  
* baigneaus: bonnet fashioned like a bathing cap
*bag wig:  
*baku: straw hat from Ceylon
*balaclava: knitted hood, covered head, ears, neck and mouth, used by soldiers in the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War of 1854, call the Protector in 1843
*balibuntal   Philippines, straw woven hat
*balmoral:   Scotch Bluebonnet.  woolen beret cap with top projecting over tartan band of Stuart colors, 1850's
*bambini:   designed by Della Robia, ?Florence Italy, a hat with a halo brim
*bandeau:   small leaf or drop head-dress for women, to accompany elegant attire
*bandino:   1930's women's large brimmed hat
*bangkok:   woven palm fiber hat
*barbe:   wimple covering ladies head, neck and chin
*barrentino:   Italian fisherman's cap
*barette:   wide flat cap worn in Middle Ages by priests
*baseball cap:   cloth cap with wide brim at the front. worn by baseball
*basher:   a straw hat
*bashlyk:   an ancient round topped felt bonnet with lappets
*Basque beret: flat round woolen felt cap worn my Basque peasants
*Batiste Bonnet 1820 -1830:  
*bavolet: cap worn by French peasant women called curtain bonnet

20th century American small, round skull cap, cut in gores to fit head
*beaver hat:   hat made of beaver fur felt
*bearskin:   A large furry crowned hat, uniform worn by Coldstream Guard
*beefeater: narrow brimmed hat worn by British Yeoman of the Guard and Warders of the Tower of London since the 16 century. flat topped medium high crown gathered into a headband, black beret shape
*beguin:   close fitting cap, 3 pieces, medieval,
*bell cloche:  
*bellboy:   small stiff cap in pillbox shape usually worn by hotel bellboys
*Ben Hogan:   English driving cap
*beret:   cap of felt, felted jersey or fabric with soft, wide circular crown, with or without a headband
*berettino:   see biretta
*bersagliere: hat worn at an angle wide brim large curving feather mount, worn by Italian mountain regiment
*Bethlehem   headdress: truncated, dome shaped cap, decorated with gold and silver coins and jewels. Worn with a veil.  Ancient Moslem headdress.  tarboosh
* bicorne: men's hat of the late 18th and early 19th century. It is was the signature  hat of Napoleon.
*biggin   coif like cap with ties under the chin, 16 & 17th century
*billycock: a bowler circa 1850, named after William Coke
*bird cage:   a small hat with stiffened veiling surrounding the wearer's face
*biretta: square cap worn by clergy.  The crown has 3 and 4 projections.
*boater: oval, flat-topped hat with rigid flat brim, typically made of straw braid sailor or a skimmer.
* bobby:   tall dome, short turned down brim, Keystone Cop style, worn by English police.
* bobwig:  
*bonnet:   name of women's or girl's head-dress, with deep brim and ribbons to tie under the chin;
*bonnet a la Laitere:    cap similar to a maiden's cap
*bonnet rouge:   red cap worn during French Revolution as a symbol of liberty.
*bonnet a la Victorie:    a cap decorated with laurel leaves, the symbol of victory
*bonnet demi-neg lige:   informal cap worn under a hat
*bonnetiers:   white head hugging, knitted, sometimes felted wool hats
*bongrace: 16, 17 century Oblong shaped, stiff material which dips over the forehead and draping over the back, worn in a coif
*borsalino: man's fur felt hat from Italian firm of same name, 1920's
*bourrelet:    head protector for children
*bowler:   oval hat, with round, rigid crown modeled brim, a derby, made popular by the Earl of Derby
*breton or bretonne: women's hat with ample round crown and brim turned-up all around
*bridal veil:   white or ivory veil worn during wedding ceremony
*brush hat:   19th century term for felt hats with nap brushed up during planking
*bubble:   melon shaped pillbox cap
*bucket cap:   sports hat with round dented crown
*bulbous:   16 century German Large dome shaped cap. 
*bumper brim:   Hat with a tubular shaped brim. various sized brim and crown
*buriti:   Brazilian straw hat
*busby: toll cylindrical cur cape with military ornament hanging from top.   15th century cavalry uniform of Hungarian Hussars.
*bush hat:   wide brimmed man's felt hat, turned up brim on 1 side.. slouch hat
*butterfly headdress 15th century, variation of Hennin, box cap, draped veiling like butterfly wings.
*bycocket, bycoket:   16th century Italian student high crown, wide brim, peaked in the front and turned up in the back.  Middle Ages.


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